KorrAI Awarded Funding Under the Canadian Space Agency smartEarth Initiative

KorrAI is proud to be one of 21 companies that were selected for funding as part of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) smartEarth initiative.

We were selected to carry out a project that combines InSAR (interferometric synthetic aperture radar), cloud computing and artificial intelligence to automatically detect movement in the earth’s surface. The goal of our project is to provide near real-time, dynamic visuals that show us how the earth’s surface is moving. This capability will be key to identify melting permafrost, potential sinkhole formations, and potential risks of surface movement to infrastructure.

KorrAI is deeply honoured to have been selected. The project will be using free and open data from Government of Canada and ESA Sentinel-1 data.

It is our belief that programs such as the smartEarth initiative of the CSA will enable the utilization of petabytes of data being collected by the RADARSAT-2, RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM), and also RADARSAT-1 data that is housed in archives. As a leader in SAR technology and a provider, Canada has unprecedented opportunities to draw from its data and expertise through companies such as KorrAI.

About KorrAI

Founded in 2020, KorrAI is a Halifax-based technology company with the goal of transforming the way we use and interact with geospatial data. Our platform is used by mining companies and government bodies to identify minerals, and monitor biodiversity and environmental risks as they change over time. For media inquiries, contact Sarah Knowles at sarah@korrai.com. For general inquiries, contact admin@korrai.com or visit our website www.korrai.com.