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Halifax Start-up receives $100K in Seed Funding

KorrAI received $100,000 in seed funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) for its work in developing innovative approaches to mining and critical mineral mapping.

“Data and earth mapping is a fast-growing sector that offers tremendous potential in reducing emissions,” said Leah Lawrence President & CEO of SDTC. “KorrAI’s technology offers the ability to monitor mining sites in real time, so that companies can minimize impacts should any issues arise.”

KorrAI’s geospatial platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning against satellite, aerial, and drone-based imagery to better inform mining companies of potential mineral deposits on their claims. The technology also facilitates environmental management and stewardship through all phases of the mining lifecycle by implementing real- and near-real-time monitoring of the environment around which a mine operates.

“We started KorrAI to help mining companies efficiently locate and extract minerals, but our technology extends beyond mining and this seed funding will allow us to explore those innovative new paths,” said CEO Rahul Anand. “We are excited to be part of Canada’s sustainable development technology ecosystem, which will play a significant role in achieving 2030 sustainability targets.”

This capability will be key to meeting the need for critical minerals while protecting the environment and associated biodiversity. Beyond helping find minerals, KorrAI’s vision is to improve environmental permitting, monitor critical mining site infrastructure, and accelerate the due diligence processes of mining projects.

About KorrAI

Founded in 2020, KorrAI is a Halifax-based technology company with the goal of transforming the way we use and interact with geospatial data. Our platform is used by mining companies and government bodies to identify minerals and monitor biodiversity and environmental risks as they change over time. To learn more, visit www.korrai.com.

About Sustainable Development Technology Canada

At SDTC, we support companies attempting to do extraordinary things. From initial funding to educational support and peer learning to market integration, we are invested in helping our small and medium-sized businesses grow into successful companies that employ Canadians from coast to coast to coast. We are relentlessly focused on supporting our companies to grow and scale in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The innovations we fund help solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges: climate change, regeneration through the circular economy, and the well-being of humans in the communities they live in and the natural environment they interact with. To learn more, visit www.sdtc.ca.

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